Welcome in Chateau Bonnet

The vineyards of Chateau Bonnet are situated in the south of the Burgundy region and in the north of the Beaujolais region, 12 kilometers south from Macon, and 60 kilometers north from Lyon.

The Crus Chenas, Julienas, Moulin-a-Vent and St Amour are grown on sunny slopes of the Beaujolais hills, on granite soils made of sand, gravel and alluvial deposits.

Working the vineyards

As early as 1999, our Château Bonnet vines are cultivated with emphasis on sustainable farming, so as to reconcile disease and fungus protection on the one hand, and environmental friendliness on the other. Grass is planted between the rows, along with flower beds, allowing natural control of insect predators. Soil is mounted around the base of the vines in winter, with clawing in the spring to loosen and aerate the top-soil.


Harvesting the grapes is done entirely by hand. Winemaking takes place on the estate. Skin maceration lasts from 8 to 12 days, during which time we implement a variety of procedures, such as pumping over, skin immersion and punching down the cap, in order to obtain maximum color, structure and tannin. Pressing is performed with a pneumatic press, offering ultimate gentleness to the solid matter. Juice transfer from heavy deposits is done at the completion of alcohol fermentation, followed by two rackings during the winter months. Once the malolactic fermentation has occurred, a light filtration then precedes bottling. Selected wines are kept for further ageing, either in 50 hectoliter barrels or Burgundy oak casks containing 228 liters.

Visiting our Winery

We welcome you to visit our winery and enjoy a tasting all year round. Please call ahead to arrange an appropriate time.


Château Bonnet has been operating as a winery since 1630, at the time when Sir Bonnet, Officer of the City Council in nearby Mâcon, purchased and enlarged what was previously a hunting lodge. In more recent times, my father Pierre Perrachon acquired the property in 1973. Twenty years later, following studies in viticulture and oenology, my own enthusiasm for fine wine production and enjoyment led me to take on responsibility for the family estate. My wife Marie-Luce assists with administrative work. Our children already share our deep interest in grape growing and wine culture.


Our 20 hectare (50 acre) vineyard is located in the village of La Chapelle de Guinchay in southern Burgundy, about 15 kms (10 miles) south of Mâcon, county of Saône-et-Loire, and 60 kilometers (40 miles) north of Lyon.

Our «Terroirs »

The Cru Beaujolais terroir consists of extremely old granite bedrock. Gradual breaking up of this granite base over many thousands of years has resulted in a kind of silica sand in which can also be found porphyry, schist, diorite and manganese. Soil diversity combined with temperate climate conditions enables the gamay varietal to express, on its native turf, all the bright fruit and floral aromas and rich flavors for which it is justly celebrated, ranging from rose petals and violets to blackcurrant, anise and cherry.

Our Wines

  • Chenas, rarest of the top ten Cru Beaujolais. Elegant structure and refined fruit character. Truly first-class.
  • Moulin-a-Vent, most famous of the Cru Beaujolais. Ageing potential 4 to 5 years. Big and powerful, rich and spicy.
  • Julienas, homestead of the Perrachon family. Robust with blackcurrant and dark cherry tones.
  • Saint-Amour, the most « feminine » of our range, best choice for Valentine’s Day ! Soft, pleasing, elegant fruit.
  • Beaujolais-Villages, gamay fruit at its ultimate best. Ideal companion for casual meals with good friends.
  • Beaujolais Blanc, elegant fruit from the world-renowned Chardonnay grape. Fine floral and citrus fragrance. Known as the « white pearl » of Beaujolais, perfect on its own or with all fish dishes.
  • Cremant de Bourgogne, produced according to the ancestral Champagne method. Its fine sparkle will definitely enliven your parties and other festive events.
  • Bonnet Rosé, single-night rosé, delightful on an outdoor terrace or at the seaside.
  • Our special and limited cuvees as Chenas aged in barrels, Chenas 985, Chenas Echevin…

Food and Wine Combinations

Our red wines savored in their youth are the perfect match for sliced deli meats, cheese, steaks, barbecue fare, coq au vin, poultry and game. With 4 or 5 years of cellar ageing, they are ideal escorts for succulent roasts, steak with red wine sauce marchand de vin, chicken in cream sauce volaille à la crème, boeuf bourguignon and a wide variety of stewed or roasted game.

Serving and Cellaring Tips

Ideal serving temperature : slightly cool, between 14 – 17° C. (60 – 65° F.)

Store bottles on their sides in a dark, cool area, between 10 – 15° C. (50 – 60° F.)

As we give our wines only a light filtration, in order to preserve maximum body and richness of flavor, a small natural deposit may occur without any adverse effect on taste. Simply pour the wine from the bottle with care or, if you prefer, into a decanter.

Pierre-Yves Perrachon